Astrometry – Intro

This is a simple article about astrometry and imaging.  Astrometry involves precise measurements of positions and movements of stars and other celestial bodies.  Astrophotographers  can take an image of the sky without the known celestial coordinates, and using various sites, or data can determine the position and coordinates of the objects in the image.

Many astronomical telescope control programs use astrometry data to position a telescope in a precise location. Some will even model the mount to aid in more precise position when skewing the telescope. (Ktars/Ekos does both of these functions.)

Below is an example of uploading an image to an astrometry site ( to determine the precise location.

Select an image to upload:

After upload, the image will be submitted and processed. Once completed you will see the screen below (if successful):

Next, press the “Go to results page” ,  it will bring you to  imaging solutions page as shown below:

If you select the “view in WorldWide Telescope”, you will be transfered to the World Wide Telescope and there you can explore your image in detail.

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