AllStar Micro Node with Baofeng BF-888s

This has been done before so lot’s of credit to kp4tr and w0fcm!  For my Micro Node, I am using a modified audio fob, a Baofeng BF-888s, power hub, and wireless FOB (optional).  I also added a push button for the power for the BeagleBone Black for powering down. This is located on the side of the BeagleBone Black case.  The case is an all metal case from Logic Supply.  The power converters are from E-bay and allows a high range of input voltages and reduces the voltages for the BBB (5v) and BF-888s supply (3.8V).  The modified Audio FOB is a Star Tech USB device which has a small board extension for the PTT control. Note that I had RFI issues with the stock antenna getting into the audio usb device. I use an external antenna without any RFI issues.




2 Responses to “AllStar Micro Node with Baofeng BF-888s”

  1. aa1pr Says:

    I too went almost the same route, except I have my rf power set to low

    what power level are you running this one at?

  2. Chris Says:

    I would recommend low power due to the duty cycle of an Allstar Node.


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