Time to Replace the Inverted Vee

I have had pretty good luck with my 40/20M fan inverted vee antenna.  I am replacing it before Winter strikes.  I took down the old mast/antenna and found it surprisingly in good shape.

The new antenna is going to include a  17M addition.  This one will be in a spoke configuration instead of one leg on top of the other.  This should help simplify pruning of the antenna.

I was going to replace the 5/8 wave, 440 Mhz antenna on top of the mast, but it was in very good shape. I tried a quick test with a 440 Moxom antenna, but found that the 5/8 still worked better even with the Moxom directivity.

I completed the installation and was pleasantly surprised to see how low the SWR was for each band.  Tuning was only needed for 20M.  With Tuning completed, SWR is 1.5:1 or less for each band.

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