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New Weather Scripts for IRLP (Centos/Debian)

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

I am releasing  the last of the weather scripts releases.  These scripts are getting more out dated as smart phones become the normal.  I’ve decided to stop working on the Wx Scripts and move on to other projects.

I have packaged both package formats for this release since the Debian 9 release is now available for IRLP.  So, there is an rpm for Centos and dpkg for the Debian 9 releases.

NOTE: There was a couple of issues that were recently uncovered with the creation of the active file.  Below contains these fixes:



Also, for the debian release, you will need to install libdate-manip-perl package if you are using the metar2text script  by entering the following command as root:

apt-get install libdate-manip-perl

Latest fixed include:

– Fixed script identifiers; debian fix
– Fixed Full alert email and message play
– Fixed issue with wx_scripts.conf file and new installs
– Fixed issue with accidently running scripts as root during initial setup.
– Fixed enable/disable_wx_alertmsg
– Cleaned up package install scripts.

When installing, follow the instructions in the previous posts. I have simplified the RPM package install scripts. It should create a backup of the configuration files prior to installing/upgrading.  It would be wise to make a backup copy of these files prior to updating:

– wx_scripts.conf
– nsd_cccc.txt
– wx_alert_product.txt
– wx_normal_alerts.txt
– wxtext_conv.sed
– SendMail.cfg
– wx_critical_alerts.txt
– wx_scripts.conf