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New WxScript RPM package

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

New WxScript RPM package has been updated and is now available.


The update addresses an issue with alert summaries not parsing correctly (additional  “junk” in file) which was caused by:

* Additional XML code is being used by NWS in the alert checks page.  Additional XML code was by-passed.

The  NWS has changed their presentation of the alert summary from their web pages.

Also, the following feature has been added.  The  detailed alert summary (or full alert summary) now has an optional flag variable to allow full NWS alert detail information instead of being truncated.

If full alert is selected, the audio for “playWxAlert” may be very long.  I would suggest using “N”. This option is found in the wx_script.conf file:

FULL_ALERT=”N”          # Alert Summary, Full or Truncated
                                    # “Y” – Full alert info
                                    # “N” – No (truncated)

Note – If you are sending email notifications, it will now provide a full alert information in the body of the email text.

Again, by selecting “FULL_ALERT=”Y”, the output  can be quite large.  If the FULL_ALERT=”N” (or not defined) , the playWxScript will at as it always does and output initial summary that the NWS provides and many times its truncated.

Make sure that you clear the weather alerts by using the “clearWxAlert” script after upgrading.  This will ensure that a new no_alert.txt message will be created and the audio files will be cleaned up.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Chris, w0anm
irlp node 3106