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Amplifier for SDR Cube

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I have built a QRP amplifier/exciter kit for the SDR-Cube.

5W SDR Amp Home Construction Project SDR (Kit)

This amplifier/filter is reasonably priced and works quit well. You can create your own low pass filters or purchase another filter kit.

I had a previously built kit that Steve Weber designed for his ATA series transceivers which contains a SWR/Power bridge and frequency counter.  I incorporated this board, filter and amplifier in a SDR-Cube accessory  enclosure to finish off the project.

SDR Cube Amplifier

SDR Cube Amplifier/Exciter

My only complaint is that the Amp T/R relays are in the transmit position when powered off which means that if the amplifier is inline and must be power on in order to be connected to the antenna.

Here is a picture of my SDR cube, amplifier and Nue-PSK modem:

SDR-Cube, Amplifier, Nue-PSK Modem

SDR-Cube, Amplifier, Nue-PSK Modem