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Sailing Season Soon!

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

People who know me know that I am always busy working on projects, hobbies, and enjoying life.

Last year I picked up an old 1975 Force 5 sailboat.

Unfortunately, my back gave me fits and I was unable to get this boat in the water.  When I got the boat home, I discovered that there were fine cracks in the haul and upon further inspection, the fiberglass was cracked through  various areas in the haul.  I am sure it would have leaked very badly if I did not address this issue.  My good deal wasn’t so good after all.

I ended up fixing the haul which turned out to have several areas that needed to be fixed.  I used West Marine epoxy system to repair the haul and then repainted.  I boat never touched water last year.

So the start of Spring, I began the final push to prepare the sail boat for this season.  I repaired the cracks in the rudder and center board, replaced the traveler slide block, fixed the bow handle, and updated the various blocks.

I’ve also replaced the lines and main sheet.  I am ready!




A mess

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